Looking at greyhounds in a whole new line

Greyhounds studies, where you will find the finest
in original greyhound artwork and design.

A self taught artist, Kathy Hoynes~Goreé has been drawing since childhood and feels that looking at an artist’s work is to see their soul. Her work reveals insight, both intentional and subliminal, as to who she is, what she thinks and what  she enjoys. One thing that’s quite apparent from her work is that she enjoys animals, and, in particular, greyhounds. Kathy is inspired by their liner sensuality and greyhounds have been a major part of her work for almost 30 years.

Kathy’s greyhound adventure began with the arrival of the lovely Winston and was followed over the years by Marty, Beauty, Dee, Remy, Scotty, Harley, Nutmeg, Blueberry, Huey, Mr. Jingles, Pistol, Walker, Bobo, Olga, Yogi, Olivye & Lina. Kathy's artwork continues to showcase the beauty of this noble breed and her current greyhound tribe ~ Ché, Sasha, Usnavi, Odessa & the new boy from Australia, Volodya (aka Mikey) ~ happily model for her. In addition to greyhound themed art, Kathy’s works also include other dog breeds, cats, waterfowl and human portraits as well as graphic and logo design. 

If you would like to contact Kathy Hoynes-Goreé regarding her artwork, Greyhound Studies merchandise or to commission a portrait of your pet, please email: greyhoundstudies@yahoo.com